Characteristics of a Great Fishing Reel

Characteristics of a Great Fishing Reel

Before purchasing anything, you must be sure of what you’re investing in. It doesn’t matter if it’s something grand like a brand-new car, or something mundane like your everyday grocery list; you should know the different attributes that make something special.

Today we’ll be talking about the great features that make a fishing reel. There are various characteristics to consider when choosing a fishing reel. Here’s a helpful list that can aid your search for the perfect reel.

Well-built quality

To ensure a long-lasting relationship with your fishing reel, you should be sure of its quality. Some fishing reels have metal or graphite bodies that can either be too heavy or just the right weight for anglers, so it’s important to check what the reel is made of.

If it’s made of steel or aluminum, then that’s a good sign of durability. It’s also best to note that different manufacturers produce different levels of quality. It’s better to invest in a brand that is well known and reputable, rather than risk spending more after buying a cheap, but poorly made reel.

Reliable drag system

The drag system is responsible for putting pressure on the fish and giving you more line to peel from your spool when necessary. It’s the adjustable friction device inside the real that creates tension on the line.

There are different drag systems for different types of fishing reels, but regardless of the type of drag you’re getting, the best ones are those that perform seamlessly. Having a smooth drag system provides a steadier and more consistent fish-catching performance.

Depending on the drag system, having multiple disc drag washers gives it stronger durability and a higher level of performance. If you’re going to pursue angling as a sport, or simply as something you want to enjoy, be sure to know the proper drag adjustment for the type of fishing you’ll be doing.

Anti-reverse handle

A great fishing reel is one that has an anti-reverse handle. Having no backward motion on the handle gives a strong and precise hook set.  Fishing reels should have no play in the reel handle. You won’t be able to properly lure and catch fish if your handle isn’t equipped for it.

Anti-reverse handles provide a solid and positive hook set to assure a great fishing experience. Make sure the handle doesn’t back up when you move the handle forward.

Gear ratio

Knowing the gear ratio of a reel is essential in finding the best fishing reel for you. The gear ratio determines how fast line is retrieved as you crank the handle. If you have an 8:1 gear ratio then that means the ball goes around eight times during one rotation of the handle.

Gear ratios vary from reel to reel; higher ratios are best for pulling fish from close surfaces, while lower ratios are better suited for retrieving fish from deep waters. Choosing the best gear ratio depends on what kind of fishing you would want to do.

Ball bearings

Ball bearings are another important part of a fishing reel. There are different qualities of ball bearings, but they mainly provide smoothness, stability, and support. If you want the smoothest performance and the strongest durability, invest in a reel with stainless-steel ball bearing to ensure the best standards. Quality reels usually feature a high number of bearings in their models.

However, it’s important to take note that just because reels have a high number of bearings, it does not automatically mean it’s a good reel. There’s still an issue with how well made the bearings are, so be sure to check on the quality of the ball bearings before purchasing a reel with a high number of ball bearings.

Corrosion resistant

One of the things anglers should look for in a good reel is its ability to resist corrosion. Conditions like heat and types of water, either saltwater or freshwater, can affect the durability of the spool. Having a corrosion-resistant reel gives it longer longevity and a longer-lasting attractive look.