KastKing Mela II Spinning Reel Review

When it comes to angling and competitive fishing, you can’t go wrong with getting a durable and smooth spinning reel. You should make sure that your reel is durable and strong enough to reel in the fish you are angling for.

Aside from the reel’s quality, make sure you have the right size for the correct line capacity. You will need the best fishing equipment and the proper characteristics for your spinning reel to ensure a great experience. Surely, who would want to start reeling only to find their spool malfunctioning? No one.

A great spinning reel that provides both comfort and durability is the KastKing Mela II Spinning Reel. This product review lists what makes it a favorite among customers.


  • Corrosion resistant deep-race smooth ball bearings

  • 10 + 1 ball bearings

  • Instant stop anti-reverse

  • Stainless steel main shaft

  • CNC machined aluminum handle

  • Aerospace-grade aluminum honeycomb design spool

  • Exquisite aluminum spool

  • Up to 26 lbs./12kg carbon fiber max drag power

  • Equipped with precision brass gears

  • Triple disc carbon drag washers

  • Interchangeable right- or left-hand handle

  • Lightweight graphite spinning reel body

  • Rich black finish

  • Can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing

  • Comes with a free spare graphite spool

  • Great value


Perhaps the best part about having a KastKing Mela II Spinning Reel is its affordability. It brings an extensive set of features without a hefty cost. It is light, smooth, and incredibly powerful. Users have loved its ease of use and excellent performance.

Most users didn’t have an issue with reeling or casting because of its skillfully constructed design and amazing features. Its ball bearings are corrosion resistant so you won’t have to worry about it rusting in any environment.

You can count the great feel of its ambidextrous aluminum handle and well-made aluminum spool. One user loved how the bail clicks without trouble, the drag is smooth like butter, and how perfectly it fit in their hands.

The KastKing Mela II is equipped with triple disc carbon fiber drag power that can reel fish up to 26 lbs., or 12kg. Its line roller and long casting lip which reduces the chances of line twists, fatigue, and line breaks. Precise long-distance casting can be accomplished with the long casting lip on the spool.

Along with that, it has a great rotational ration that can make retrieving fish a breeze. You won’t have a problem catching big fish regardless of whether it’s salt or freshwater. This nifty reel offers a fun and exciting experience.

Aside from its outstanding abilities, the KastKing Mela II sports a bold look with its lightweight graphite spinning reel body, and rich black finish. It’s made to provide durability without giving up affordability.

To give you the best fishing experience, the KastKing Mela II gives you even better value with a free spare graphite spool.


There have been a few problems among users with the KastKing Mela II. For instance, a user unscrewed the handle and was not able to properly use it again. They had a problem with its internal mechanisms. To ensure you won’t have the same problem, it might be best to ask their support team or a professional to handle it properly.

Remember to handle the reel with care as to not accidentally break it. It’s also best to take note that you get what you pay for with this product. There was also a small issue of not getting the same smooth reeling after months of constant use. When faced with this kind of issue, you can always apply oil to smooth it out.

The KastKing Mela II works fine for most users, but it would have been best if it was available in 6000 and 8000 sizes. It is only currently available in 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000, but, it is able to provide a smooth and fun fishing experience.


The KastKing Mela II is the one you should look out for when searching for an affordable spinning reel. It has a well-built design with its sleek black finish that works for almost everyone. It provides a light and strong spool with more fishing line capacity. It’s a great piece of fishing equipment that will surely give you amazing catch.

It has a lot of features that can offer a smooth and effortless casting without spending a large amount of money. It doesn’t support 6000 and 8000 sizes, so be sure to keep that in mind before purchasing.

If you aren’t looking for a bigger size, and just want a small and light spinning reel, then you can try the KastKing Mela II and be amazed at its great value and quality construction. This spinning reel is truly recommended for anyone who’s looking for inexpensive fishing equipment.